Bowling and Coffee, What More Do You Need

One evening riding home I saw a new sign posted, COMING SOON, Ocean Bowl. I watched and waited (not so patiently) for the day it would open, can you tell we don’t have a lot of entertainment in my little town.Image

After a very long wait, it finally happened, Opening Day. I started scouting around to see if anyone was interested in trying out the new place. Not that I’m a bowling fan, but I am a fan of having something different to do. A few days later the Client stopped by my office and asked if I was interested in joining their league, they were in need of a few bowlers (I think the term was warm bodies). Sign me up, I’m a bowler now….or at least a wanna be bowler.

Every Wednesday after work we meet at the alley, where we have one rule, no talking work. The teams are formed by who shows up first. Most weeks I manage to bowl with the same 2 guys, Ranjo who is a construction lead and Rashid who is my counterpart. Both of these men are serious bowlers, I on the other hand, rock the gutter balls. I love the camaraderie we have, we make silly sounds when we make strikes or if I manage to know down a few pins. Jen Nie and I are pretty much tied for the worst bowlers; we have great golf scores, but terrible bowling scores, not sure what her excuse is, she has her own shoes and ball (love ya Jen). Every Thursday on the way into the office the guys always ask what my score was from the night before, last week I broke 100, if you total my whole score card….And the guys still let me bowl on their Imageteam. What’s great is now when I walk through the client’s part of the office we have a great bond, other than their coffee.

I’ve grown very attached to the Client’s coffee machine. It’s not just any ol’ coffee maker; this one makes cappuccino, espresso, and excellent regular coffee. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but in Malaysia ‘white coffee’ is the norm. It’s a sweet, nasty brew that will curl your tongue and close your throat. Imagine your worst


cup of coffee, add a ton of sugar, and milk and you have white coffee. The first appliance I bought once I settled was a coffee maker; I truly do not like white coffee.

I’m so grateful for the camaraderie I have with my team and my client. Anyone who lets me wander down to their side of the office for coffee, or just to chat when I need a break, is a true friend, no matter what side of the world you live on.

I will love coffee forever, no matter where I live, and bowling may someday be my favorite sport, Sandra, ask Bro. D if I can bowl on his team…



2 responses to “Bowling and Coffee, What More Do You Need

  1. Sounds like fun to me! Glad you have found some sort of pastime! We will have to go bowling when you return home! Jim and I were on a couple of leagues early on in our marriage, we even have our own balls with our initials! LOL Love ya!

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