Sounds of Nature

I love the sounds of nature. We have some very unique sounds here. We have birds and bullfrogs. One of my favorite things to do on a work morning is to get outside a few minutes before the bus and listen to the birds. I live next to an open field and more fortune than the others, who have neighbors on all sides and are isolated from some of the calls of nature. There are mornings when the field is full of music. When I first arrived I notice the strange colors of the birds in my yard, I tried several times to take a picture, but it’s like they have a senor for the camera, as soon as I aimed, they flew away.Image

There is one bird, I don’t know the name or what it looks like but it has the coolest, most unique call I’ve ever heard. When I Skype or face time with family they have commented on its call, it’s a multi-level hoot. I asked 2 co-workers Rashid and Jen Nie what type bird I was hearing. Neither had a clue, they tried Google and found others, but not my unique one. I think you become accustom to the sounds of your home and don’t hear them anymore. Makes me wonder what bird’s, or sounds, I’m missing when home in the States.

When it rains in West Malaysia it rains hard, and after a hard rains we have bull frogs. LOTS of bullfrogs, a city choir of bullfrogs. One morning while waiting for the bus I mentioned to the guys about the bullfrog serenade during the night, no one else heard it, which surprised me since it woke me several times during the night. It reminded me of the scene from The Little Mermaid where Aerial and Eric when serenaded by Sebastian while going down the river, not as musical, but lots of frog being loud.

In the states we have tree frogs, and after a summer rain they get rather noisy, in fact it’s common to occasionally see one in the pool. Grosses me out, but I’ve been assured the chemical keeps the water safe.Image

There are other sounds in my neighborhood, not sounds of nature, but sounds of kids. There are lots of kids on motor scooters yelling ‘Hi’ as you walk by, kids on pedal bikes giggling as they race each other. These are sounds you hear anywhere in the world, kind of nice to know that kids around the world like to race and giggle. Make my world seem a little smaller, and my time in Mountasia a bit more enjoyable.




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