,ImageBack home in the states I have several women that I call friends, some I’ve known for 40 plus years, others just a few months. I’m blessed to have each in my life.

One of my best friends is Deanne; we met when my daughter and her twins were in first grade. We’ve been through a lot together. I’m very proud of Deanne, she decided to go back to school and further her education. She is one of the bravest people I know. When I had the opportunity to continue my education I lost all confidence and ran the other way. I would give anything to be there when she graduates this August, I’d be the loudest one cheering when they announce her accomplishment.

Sandra is my sister from another mother and father. We try to have lunch together several times a month. Lunch can mean sitting and eating or looking for a bargain while walking the mall. I miss our lunches. Sandra has taught me to look for the good when all I could see was bad. She is always there for me, and I hope she knows I’m always here for her.

Mary and I met 8 years ago, when we worked on a project together and have remained friends ever since. Mary is always optimistic, she is an encourager, and she has a part of my heart. I’ve learn from Mary, that if it isn’t written, it isn’t so.

Debbi and I met 40+ years ago, high school was a long time ago, we were friends who lost touch, but through modern technology we found each other and renewed our friendship. She moved across country in a Monte Carlo. When she arrived I was amazed at her packing skills. The Clampets have nothing on this girl. What I know about Debbi is she doesn’t know how smart she is, this girl is brilliant, and she is humble, with a heart of gold. She would get out in a storm to help you. I really love her for who she is.

SueB is special to me in a personal way, she has overcome some challenges and still faces some additional ones, but you NEVER hear her complain. She is one of the busiest people I know but she always smiles at you. She would stop me sometimes and just give me a hug. How she knew I needed it is her secret. She is a super wiz brainy person, and I’m proud to call her one of my BFF’s.Image

Barb started out as my boss, but ended up as a very good friend. She has mentored me, and encouraged me. She was a hard one to leave behind. Barb is generous with her time and her resources. Every year I look forward to my Christmas goody bag, usually full of magnets, note cards and something personal she found just for you. When I moved to Malaysia, I brought all the magnets she gave me about girlfriends and put them on my refrigerator. Barb has a great sense of humor, and loves to organize parties for people, but she doesn’t want you to make a fuss over her. For her last birthday the team filled her office with balloons, decorated her door, and printed pictures of Matthew McConaughey, forged his autograph and gave them to her as a gift. We were a little concerned about what she would say, but we we’re so pleased with how delighted she was.

A tradition I will miss is on our first work Friday of each month happy hour. What started out as a big group narrowed down to a hand full over time. The HH women (and occasionally William) are all my friends. We have encouraged each other and cried with each other. We are women with a common cord, we like each other and we respect each other. DiDi, Alla, Kristi, Barb, Debbi, Cynthia (who is on her own adventure), Tracy, Mary, I will be back and we will raise a glass to our friendship, and to my time in Mountasia.Image


6 responses to “Girlfriends

  1. As always, you touch my the heart of my soul – you always have! But I have one question – was that Ellie Mae or Granny Clampet? 😉 Love and miss you, my friend!

  2. You are the most bravest woman I know to achieve great accomplishments and I am so proud to call you my bestest friend! What an awesome journey we have been on and I would not trade any of it for the world! My prayers are with you daily! Lots of Love to you “MY FRIEND”! <<<<<>>>>>>>>>

  3. Sensational Stella, I will hold you to your word when you return my Friend (You owe me girly) It’s been a joy to partner with you on this Friendship journey. Thank you for your support and the laughter which massaged our hearts! #Have a Super Day #GentleHugs

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