I’ve been a reader most of my life

Image I’ve been a reader most of my life and I passed this love on to my kids. Little did I know while nurturing my passion for reading I was raising kids that would write. My daughter Stacey just completed her first manuscript and from the little bit I’ve read it sounds wonderful. It takes place in Louisiana during the Civil War era. She’s now searching for a publisher. Stacey and Christie both belong to a writer’s guild in The Woodlands. The members have helped Stacey refine her skills and have encouraged on her journey to publishing. She met her writing partner Bethany Macmanus there. Bethany released her first book on Amazon last week, Six Solitude Road. I’ve just started reading it and it appears to be a ’who done it’ book. Bethany has been one of Stacey biggest fans, so I encouraged her by buying her book and now I encourage you to do the same. J

One of the interesting people Stacey met at the guild is Bob Stewart. Bob is a published author and he has given all the ladies quite a bit to talk about. Most of the writers in the guild write Christian fiction or women’s Bible study books. Bob was part of the 9 to 5 world once and he worked for some well-known publications, you will find them in your local grocery store as you checkout. He covered some of the most hideous crime that people have committed, the ones where we all say, ‘how can people do that’. So Bob writes what he knows. Before I moved to Mountasia, Bob mentioned to Stacey he published a new book. Stacey offered to read it and review it. Well, I wanted to support Stacey’s friend so I went to Amazon and bought FirstBorn by Bob Stewart.

FirstBorn scared me to death. I read Historical fiction and mainly Christian fiction, which let’s face it… for the most part is pretty mild. I’m not a good at suspense, it makes me nervous, and I don’t like being scared. I don’t even watch scary movies, because the suspense is almost too much for me. But I said I would read it, so I did. After the first chapter I called Stacey and asked her, who is this guy? I’m not sure I like that you know him. She encouraged me to continue reading, easy for her since she hadn’t started the book yet. While on a weekend getaway I read several chapters to my husband, at one point he stopped me and said, this guy is good, and he’s scary.

FirstBorn is about No Mercy Percy. He’s a bad guy, I mean really bad, he deserved to be in jail, but was put there in a less than legal way. Fast forward several years he’s released and seeks revenge. I don’t want to tell you any more, read it, and get scared on your own. This book has Hollywood written all over it! I don’t know why it’s taking so long for them to call Bob. But Bob… when Hollywood calls I have a few casting suggestions, like, Matthew McConoughy as G.W. Chism and Robert DeNiro as No Mercy. Do you think, will Hollywood let me cast it?

Bob is a good person, otherwise my daughter wouldn’t think so highly of him. He assures me he’s a normal guy who has seen the evil people can inflict on each other, and he writes about it. Stacey told me that Hollywood has expressed an interest in buying the option on one of Bob’s other books, Hidden Evil, so I think FirstBorn will be optioned soon.

Bob, I wish you the best and hope your book and movie are a huge success. I have to be honest after No Mercy Percy, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to watch the movie edition even if it’s available in Mountasia.



6 responses to “ I’ve been a reader most of my life

    • Thank you and you’re welcome Bethany. I’m enjoying your book, I wish I had more time to read it. Currently, I manage about 20 minutes a day. This job it taking up WAY to much of my time. LOL

  1. I’m fortunate to know all these people too and have to tell you, when I read the first chapter of FirstBorn I was like… wait… what??? And I wanted to STOP reading it and couldn’t. And when I finished, I called a friend and said “I understand cross-over fiction now.” Enjoyed your post. =)

    • Thank you Nancy. That first chapter was a tough one. Stacey encouraged me to stick with it then she read it, and called me.
      I agree, it was a good book just a bit outside my comfort zone.

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