The Pillow

I like the people I work with. My office is a mixture of people from all cultures and backgroundsImage. Everyday I learn something new, and I love it. Last Friday the young lady that cleans our office handed me a pillow (in a beautiful case) and said Rajan wants you to have. I was puzzled as to who is Rajan and why is he giving me a pillow. I asked the young lady, she just giggled and walked away. OK, maybe she didn’t understand my question English is not her first language. Now my thoughts ran to maybe this is a custom to give pillows to people who have moved. But then why am I getting one from Rajan, I don’t even know who he is, and I don’t recall anyone else getting a pillow, so I put the pillow in my office and went to work

Later the cleaning lady returned with a coworker that spoke English, I asked her who Rajan was and why did he give me the pillow. She giggled and said Mr. Rajan the driver (still no clue) so why the pillow? She giggled and said He wants you to have (so her English isn’t much better). I’m losing the warm fuzzy’s over this pillow, am I being courted? I moved the pillow from the guest chair to a box in the corner. I don’t want this guy to think his pillow has a place of honor.

Throughout the day I questioned different people as to why I would get a pillow, most of the comments aren’t worth repeating, I imagine you know where the conversation went. No one knew if this was a custom or not, but the stories started taking on a life of their own.

Towards the end of the day a Supervisor walked by while I was talking about this mystery guy. She stopped and said Oh, he’s the new guy, the airport driver, and then she walked away. Now I Imageknow who he is, and I’m glad the pillow is in a box. Mr. Rajan doesn’t drive my van pool so I don’t know him personally, I’m sure he’s a nice man, but I still don’t know why he’s giving me a pillow.

Later I asked a couple of the admins if they knew why did I was given the pillow. One laughed, and said, No idea, maybe he likes you. Again, no thank you. The other laughed, she said, no, Mr. Rajan drives people to the airport and he took Brad and Steve (and Steve’s wife) to the airport and the wife left her pillow in the van and he thought he would leave it with you.

Goodness, a little more communication up front would have saved me a lot of worry that I was being courted by stranger in Mountasia.




One response to “The Pillow

  1. as I was reading this I remembered you telling me about your driver having two wives and I just pictured this as his way of courting you to be his third! I can only imaging how awkward THAT would have been!! lol im glad it turned out to be something not so creepy.

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