Saying Good Bye to Alex

Alex has been one of my friends in Mountasia. My company had a contract with him to drive us back and forth to work and to help us settle into our new lives.

Alex called me Sarah. IImage told him several times, ‘buddy, that’s not my name, I’m Stella, Sarah is my daughter’. He’d apologize and say ‘OK, ok, I’ll remember’. And he did until the next time. So after the first few days I became Sarah. The other thing he called me was ‘sir’. ‘Really, Alex, I’m not one of the guys’….He laughed, ’oh so sorry, Sarah, I know you’re a ma’am’ (much laughter) ‘you’re not a man’. He has a great laugh.

Besides being our driver, and friend, Alex was our AAA, roadside assistance. One evening while out with co-workers our van decided it didn’t like the gas we put in the diesel tank and started sputtering. We (barely) coasted into a large shopping center and tried calling for help but everyone was out and not answering. Finally I texted Alex and within in minutes he arrived (kind of like the Calgary) to drive us to safety (well, to dinner anyways).

Alex has been a friend, he introduced us to his family, he explained current events, he listened to me rambling about missing my family and friends. He is the one who bought my birthday cake, then disappeared so I wouldn’t embarrass him with a heartfeltImage thank you.

It has been decided by the powers that be since the office is growing we needed to contract with a company that could provide larger vans. Alex didn’t fit into that picture. He was gracious, and trained the new team. After two week he returned to his life, and we miss him. I keep hoping he’ll return, I keep hoping management will find a job for him. He is a person you want to be around.

He is a friend.


2 responses to “Saying Good Bye to Alex

  1. There’s nothing like the joy of having a friend. Alex seems to be one of those rare jewels, like yourself. We pray for you two to reconnect and he find a job really soon. Enjoy the journey.

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