A Grateful Mom

ImageMother’s Day is a day I celebrate my mom, and my beautiful daughters, and the joy I’ve had in raising all three of them.

Christie is my first born; I had her when I was young so I grew up raising her. Christie was born with the sweetest spirit; she was giving as a child and continues to be the same giving person as an adult. Christie loved children. Her whole life all she ever wanted to be was a mom and she is a wonderful mom. She gave me my first two grandkids. She stayed home and raised them into mature, responsible adults. Christie has a great laugh and she is a joy to be with. Today Christie she is returning to college and discovering a new life. I love the joy and spirit my oldest daughter; she will always be my favorite first born daughter.

Eighteen months later Stacey came into our lives. Stacey was born thinking she was in charge and let us know immediately what she expected from all of us. Stacey has always had a sense of adventure, she knew no fear, and she kept us on our toes, and scared the wits out of us many times. Stacey’s the mom to my two younger grandkids. I enjoy the calls from her saying, “You got a minute, I need to talk about….” usually something one of the kids has done. Yes, life repeats itself, and Stacey has two who are cut from the same cloth as her. Today, Stacey is following her passion as a writer. Stacey is also my editor. I love the spirit of my second daughter; she will always be my favorite second daughter.

Sarah is my caboose. She was born 15 years after Stacey (yep, she was planned). Sarah is a combination of both her sisters. She loved babies growing up, and she was full of spirit. I was a little older (and hopefully a little wiser) when she was born and I loved the time with her. Sarah has traveled the world with us. She is the best travelling companion. She just seemed to understand it early on the get in line, to get in another line, and then hurry up, to wait. Sarah has had a few bumps in her road, but she is now on the path to a fulfilling life. She is still full of spirit and adventure. She is working full time plus going back to school. I love my Boo she is my favorite baby girl.

As a daughter, I love my mom; she raised 5 kids to have respect for God, and to give our employer an honest day’s work. Mom worked hard all of her life. When her heart decided it was tired and she had to retire, I worried how she would handle not being busy, but she is managing just fine. Mom is 86, she has lived longer than any member in her family and I’m grateful daily that she is still living, and I can talk to her whenever I want.

My blessings have been many, but the biggest blessings in life have been Christie, Stacey, and Sarah. And I love them a lot from Mountasia.


5 responses to “A Grateful Mom

  1. Oh Stella what a great blog from deep within your heart! Thank you so much for sharing this, I know your daughters will cherish it forever! I want to wish you a very Happy Mothers Day! You are a great, wonderful loving mom too and your girls are so lucky to have you!

    Love you so much my friend!


  2. I love you, Mom. You have always been my favorite Mom. 🙂 I look at you and I see the adventurous spirit that thrives in me. I see a woman who loves to talk and yearns to be independent. I see so much of you in me. I am honored to be your daughter.

  3. Stella Happy Mother , u are my younger sister and I am very proud of all u have done, Your girls are great u have done a Great job , i am proud to be your Big Sister Love Georgia

  4. Love u too Mom.I hope you have a happy mother’s day.this is going to be a hard day not to have u near, I love u. Thank u so much for your support. You are the best mom I could ask for.

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