My Birthday in Mountasia

‘Birthday are important when you’re home, but when you’re away they are even more important.’ This bit of wisdom was shared with me by a co-worker who didn’t know my birthday was coming up. As the conversation progressed I didn’t volunteer any information, figured I would keep it to myself. I hadn’t noticed anything being done for his (or anyone’s) birthday and I didn’t want to be the first to make a big deal about my birthday.  The conversation moved on to a TV device called the Sling box, a nice little device your family connects to TV back home, then you can watch that TV from anywhere in the world. I told him, ‘I want one of those; it would make a nice birthday/mother’s day gift’. Whoops, and then it started….. ‘So when’s your birthday?’ ‘In a few weeks’; ‘really, what’s a few weeks’, ‘May’; ‘Really, when?’ ‘Oh, OK, it’s the 2nd’. In my heart I was hoping he would forget.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and it’s my birthday, and my day starts off great, I got a call from my youngest daughter, then a quick Skype conversation with my friend Karen. Then off to work with my secret, or I least I hoped it was still a secret.

First hurdle was the van pool, no one said anything, including the bearer of my secret (oh good, he forgot). All morning no Happy Birthday, I was feeling pretty safe. Lunch rolls around and nothing, now I’m feeling confident. 3:00 comes and I figure I’m home free. Around 3:30 one of the Engineers needed help with the Docbase (nothing unusual for this guy) and I’m the onsite help desk. I headed to his office, as we pass the kitchen he says something about his coffee mug and heads in, and yep, you guessed it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Image

Now I have a reputation, not one I meant to get, but it’s mine. Anything remotely related to anything back home and I tear up. So there I stand, feeling so humble that they are celebrating my birthday. And once again I heard, ‘Birthdays are important’. Yes, they are, and I’m grateful these men took the time to celebrate mine.

Today I got a call that I had mail in our pouch delivery. I walked over to get it and there were several cards from home, the first thing my co-worker asked was ‘are you going to cry again?’ I looked all indignant and said, ‘No…gees’.

I went back to my office and opened my first card; it was from girl friends back home. A few tears Imagethreaten, but I had control. Then I opened the envelope from Bethany and John, OK, so I not only teared up, but I needed a tissue. Both the kids made me a cards, Bethany’s has a HUGE flower and crystal bling on it, John’s has animals playing instruments with the word Rock Star across the front, I pinned both of them to my wall so the world can see the artist skills of my grandkids. As an added bonus John sent me his autograph on 3 sheets of paper. John is practicing because he’s going to be a ‘rock star’ someday. I taped ImageJohn’s signature with the other ones he has sent, I figure one day when he’s famous I can say I have his first official autographs.

It’s tough being away from my family and friend, but I’m grateful beyond words that the people I care about take the time to send me little notes. It makes my time in Mountasia easier.


3 responses to “My Birthday in Mountasia

  1. Hi Stella and happy late birthday, the slingbox is great and don’t forget to get the slingcatcher to go with it…we used this in china and enjoyed having the American t.v. hope ;u are having fun in malaysia…s

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