Who moved the Equator

One of the selling points of my moving to Mountasia was I would live less than 3 miles from the Imageequator. I made plans to post pictures asking which hemisphere am I in. I was going to do the spinning water in a glass trick and watch it change directions once I crossed. I was going to mail postcards from the other side of the world. My family was so tired of hearing about it. So you can imagine my disappointment when I found out someone moved the equator before I got here…..

My discovery started one morning on the drive into work. I asked Alex how close are we to the equator, I wanted to go on my next Sunday off. He gave me very strange look (I should be use that by now, but really I thought it was a simple question) and said ‘the what’? He was baffled. So I explained it was the line in the middle of the earth, you know separating northern and southern hemisphere (surely they teach the kids about this Malaysia). No clue what I was talking about. That evening back in my hotel room I Goggled and confirmed yep, it’s in Malaysia, but in Borneo. So the next day I asked Alex, how far to Borneo, I want to go there. He gave me that look again and said, you want to go to Indonesia? A coworker in the van explained it a little differently to Alex, and suddenly he understood. Really? I used all the same words and he looked at me like I was speaking alien.

The equator is south of Kuala Lumpur located in the Orangutans reserve in Eastern Malaysia,       I live approximately 4.5 hours north of KL in Western Malaysia, not a weekend trip. 

I’ll eventually make it to the equator and then I’ll drive everyone crazy with my pictures asking which hemisphere I’m in, I’ll buy postcards and so the spinning water test, just not my next Sunday off.

ImageSpeaking of postcards, I found that Post Offices are something else I can’t seem to find in Mountasia. I bought several post cards to send home, but locating stamps has been an adventure in its self. I asked at the hotel front desk and was told, we don’t have any. I asked Alex if there was a Post Office where I could buy stamps. He said, ‘No’ (again with the strange look). I asked how you mail your bills. I found out that your water bill, and electric bills are dropped off by the meter reader, they aren’t mailed to you. Your cell phone bill is texted to you and you go to the store and pay it. Alex offered to take my post cards and find a way to mail them. I’m hoping they make it to America before I leave Mountasia. 


8 responses to “Who moved the Equator

  1. I’ve been waiting for a post. Was happy to see one when I got up today. I respect you so much for leaving your comfortable place in life and just going for it. You only live once and you sure are making the best of it. Here I am, too chicken to get on an airplane and here you are in Mountasia…<3

    • Thanks Maggie. My biggest fear is a lot of water. The hardest thing I’ve EVER done was go on a 3 day cruise. Nothing but water, EVERYWHERE. I’m so glad I faced that fear, because I had the best time of my life. Book a flight to Houston, I know 2 people who would love to see you. And if you book it when I’m home there will be 3.

  2. Well I will have to plan my visit around a time you can take a couple of days to travel there! Definantly a must! And remember men are from Mars, women from Venus, so no matter how you talk to the driver…..well you get it.

  3. Really cute. We can do the Borneo trip. That is something I have wanted to do anyway. Play with the Orangutans.

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