Moving to Mountasia

My job said, we need someone to manage the Document Control team at our China mod yard, you interested? Sure I said, I loved living there before and would love to experience it again. Then came the bad news, you’re too old for the China office. My first thought was OK, I like my life in Houston, no big deal. A few days later my Chief asked if I would consider the Malaysia yard, the person lined up for that office didn’t work out. So after a few hic-ups in my travel arrangements, my adventure began.

Taking on a new assignment in a country far from home sounds really exciting, and to be honest I was excited, until reality set in. My granddaughter decided to get married, my grandson joined T-ball, and you get the idea. Oh man, what am I doing? What am I going to miss? My grand kids are the joy of my life, what was I thinking taking on this job? That was my reality. Everyone was cheering me on, telling me how brave they thought I was. My reality was spent shedding a lot of tears. I was already missing my family and friends and I hadn’t even boarded the plane yet. I told myself it will get better once I get there.

About 2 weeks before my departure my daughter and son in law told the two younger grandkids that I was moving to Malaysia for a while, my job needed me there. When we met for our traditional Friday night cheap Mexican dinner, John and Bethany were really excited about my move.  John asked, ‘Grandma, are you going to play golf in Mountasia? It’s a lot of fun.’ I laughed and cried, in my grandkids world I’m moving to Mountasia, playing miniature golf and having a blast.

All too soon Danielle married her Prince Charming and the next day I headed to the airport to start my new adventure. The airport proved to be an adventure. My husband dropped me and my luggage off at the door. After a few more kisses, hugs and tears, he drove off into the sunset. Now, I took great care to weigh my luggage before leaving home, I didn’t want any problems. But within minutes I was calling Chuck to return and help me figure out what I didn’t need. My scales and the airport scales didn’t agree. After sorting and packing, and resorting and repacking, then sorting and repacking again, he drove off again into the sunset and I headed to my plane minus a few treasures.

14 hours later we arrived in Qatar (borders Saudi Arabia) DOHA International to change plane and exchange a few passengers. It was HOT and this was my first time to see women to burkas, 5 boarded the plane with 2 male escorts. Several ladies wore veils, but the burkas fascinated me, at my age I know not to stare, but it was hard.

Several hours later we landed in Kula Lumpar, I cleared custom and found Mr. Don holding a sign with my name, he was a very welcomed sight. He looked at my luggage and asked where the other traveler was? I guess he didn’t understand a woman needs her clothes, and shoes.

During the four and half hour drive I learned a lot about my new country. There are 13 states, and I will live in one of the largest towns in Perak Malaysia. There will be an election in May and there are several parties running. I learned about the different flags each party flies to rally your vote and support.

When I arrived at my hotel, I was hoping for a Best Western American style, yeah, not so much. I got to my room and found the shower to be in middle of the floor, and a strange door leading to nowhere.  After a warm shower and a nap, I got up and went to bed, (yes, I took a nap before going to bed) knowing that the next day would start my new life in Mountasia.  Do you think they will have miniature golf?


4 responses to “Moving to Mountasia

  1. You rock sister!!! Keep these entertaining sagas coming our way. If you get a hole in one on the last hole, do you get a free game?!…

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